About Us

Alpha Omega IT is an offshoring and recruiting company.

We leverage Ukraine’s top IT talent to guarantee satisfaction and success on the broad spectrum of IT projects we support.

Our core values are Integrity, Technical Excellence and Candor. We are passionate about your success. We emphasize the importance of candid and thorough communication during the requirements gathering and project specification phase of the software development life cycle so that we can offer a contractual guarantee that our services will satisfy all requested specifications.

All engineers we represent are thoroughly vetted and their skill sets rigorously evaluated, we represent only the best and most experienced talent, and we match talent according to project requirements and specifications. Hence, we confidently offer guarantees on all projects accepted based on satisfying all functional, performance, design, usability and security specifications of a project within the specified time frame.

Any unsatisfied specification, including time, will result in a partial refund and will be fixed without charge.

Candor, a core value, we accept only projects and refer only candidates for which we can guarantee satisfaction. If we do not have the resources ideal for your needs, we shall tell you upfront.

In our view, candid communication + technical excellence + passion and follow through = success.